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iVentures 2017

October 26 & 27, 2017 / MaRS Discovery District / Toronto



The 10th anniversary edition of Interactive Ontario’s flagship conference (formerly GameON: Ventures) marks an evolution for this two-day event. This year, iVentures will expand to act as a marketplace for ideas across all forms of interactive digital media (IDM), focused around three streams:

  • Ideas to Watch: innovation in technology, business models and content
  • Collaboration: partnerships between interactive digital media producers and other sectors, from healthcare to education
  • GameON: the business of video games

iVentures exists to connect business leaders in the interactive digital media (IDM) industries with each other and with business leaders in overlapping sectors. The goal of the iVentures marketplace is to facilitate inspiration, collaboration and partnerships that will create the next great IDM project.

This new focus will allow IO to continue its goal of facilitating business opportunities while highlighting the wide variety of everything that’s new and noteworthy in digital content. iVentures 2017 is set to shine light on this fast-moving and exciting industry.

Attendees will include:

  • Canadian and international game company executives & team leads;
  • Media and entertainment companies looking for new opportunities;
  • Digital Media Producers and distributors of all types of digital media, such as;
    • eLearning and Education;
    • Mobile App Development;
    • VR / AR;
    • Convergent and cross-platform content
    • Robotics & Chat-bots;
    • Artificial Intelligence;
    • Wearable Technologies;
  • Video game publishers and distributors;
  • Investors;
  • Professional services providers (legal, finance, accounting);
  • Government representatives;
  • International trade associations
  • Professionals in intersecting industries, such as tourism and healthcare, looking to learn more about interactive digital media

iVentures is produced by Interactive Ontario (IO), a not-for-profit industry trade association committed to the growth of the interactive digital content industry in Ontario. IO produces over 35 events each year that include iLunch, Interact, i-ON and more.