iVentures – inventing the future

iVentures 2018

November 6th & 7th, 2018

The Design Exchange | Toronto

2018 Speakers

  • Scott C. Jones (Toronto, ON)

    Host and Producer

    Heavily Pixelated

  • Lisa Ellis (Toronto, ON)

    Art Gallery of Toronto

    Art Gallery of Toronto

  • Andrew MacDonald (Toronto, ON)

    Creative Director

    Cream VR

  • CJ Hervey (Toronto, ON)

    President & Executive Producer

    Dark Slope Studios

  • Harpreet Geekee (Toronto, ON)

    CTO and Co-Founder

    Highmark Global

  • Kim Parnell (Toronto, ON)



  • Dr. Ariella Lehrer (Los Angeles, CA)


    Legacy Games

  • Dan Fill (Toronto, ON)

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dark Slope Studios

  • Maxime Durand (Montreal, QC)

    Franchise Historian

    Ubisoft Montreal

  • Joseph Cribari (Toronto, ON)


    Even Matchup Gaming

  • Kristopher Alexander (Toronto, ON)

    Professor of Video Games: Design & Programming

    Humber College

  • Morghan Fortier (Toronto, ON)

    Co-Founder and Producer

    Skyship Entertainment

  • Srinivas Krishna (Toronto, ON)

    Founder & CEO

    AWE Company & Geogram

  • Josh Manricks (Toronto, ON)

    Head of Technology

    Secret Location

  • Dr. Jessica Langer (Toronto, ON)

    Professor of Public Relations

    Centennial College

  • Ryan Miller (Toronto, ON)

    Game Programmer

    Reptoid Games

  • Yoan Fanise (France)

    Co-Founder & CEO

    DigixArt Studio

  • Dr. Jennifer Hazel (New Zealand)



  • Rey Jimenez (San Fransisco, CA)

    Producer, WW External Development

    Bandai Namco

  • David Dexter (Toronto, ON)

    Associate Director for SIRT

    Sheridan College

  • Ryan Kaufman (San Francisco, CA)

    VP of Narrative

    Jam City

  • Wim Stocks (New York, USA)

    General Manager/CEO

    WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague

  • Joanne-Aśka Popińska (Toronto, ON)


    Tribe of Pan

  • Jacqueline (Jakyo) Manor (Toronto, ON)

    esports Commentator


  • Ben Unsworth (Toronto, ON)

    Technical Director

    Dark Slope Studios

  • Fernanda Contreras Stange (Chile)



  • Vikas Gupta (Toronto, ON)

    Board Member

    Interactive Ontario

  • David Dyce (Toronto, ON)

    Co-Owner/ ESports Commentator

    Smash @ Humber

  • Philippe Morin (Montreal, QC)


    Red Barrels

  • Eunika Sot (London, ON)

    Chief Operations Officer


About the event

Now in its 11th year, iVentures is a conference and marketplace for ideas across all forms of interactive digital media (IDM), including video games, eLearning, augmented and virtual reality, convergent media and much more.

Conference elements:

  • Keynotes, panels, presentations and workshops
  • B2B meeting opportunities
  • An Interactive Digital Media Expo
  • Networking receptions