iVentures In Conversation with Jayme Winick

Every year hundreds of creators, producers, investors, and thinkers in games and interactive digital media descend on iVentures (formerly GameON: Ventures) to spend two days trading insights and creating important connections in the industry. Many meaningful collaborations had their start at iVentures.


For Jayme Winick, attending iVentures was a critical component to building her company’s reach and capabilities, and connections she made last year are now making her next IDM project possible. We sat down with Jayme (who will be speaking about Expanding into New Markets at iVentures) to find out how it all came together.


I understand you made some connections at iVentures last year (formerly GameON: Ventures) that have led to a new project. Can you tell me a little bit about how that all came together?

Last year at GameOn: Ventures through the business meeting set up I met Marcelo from Pebblekick. The original meeting was based on Tabcon looking for content partnership. After meeting Marcelo and both Tabcon and Pebblekick learning more about each other we found many synergies in hardware functionalities and unique marketplaces.


You are Marcelo Serres have been collaborating for the past year. Can you give me a sense of what you’re working on?

Yes, we have been working together for the past year. We have been collaborating on many different aspects in the gaming industry from introducing a proprietary gaming device in the US Penitentiary market to creating a medical gaming Device. Through the collaboration Tabcon has still stayed true to its core beliefs in creating a portable universal console that will integrate a high level of technical properties to play all types of PC and Console games on any screen.

What’s it like collaborating across borders? Are there benefits? Drawbacks?

It can get hectic at times dealing with time differences but there are so many benefits. One of the greatest gifts Pebblekick has offered Tabcon is the ability to travel to so many game shows world wide and showcase our partnership and have Tabcon showcase our console. The other greatest benefit is to experience gaming first hand from others perspective, being able to collaborate on a technical level with Marcelo has been a huge asset to Tabcon and its growth over the last year.  


You’ll be speaking on our panel Expanding into New Markets. What are you most excited to talk about?


For me what I am most excited to speak about is the localization of not only hardware products but its integrated software as well. One of the biggest feats for any start-up is getting market recognition on a global scale but especially in China. Pebblekick has been a huge help through their affiliations and Pebblekick China to help bridge the gap between market places.


Ultimately when creating a brand new console like Tabcon it is not just enough to have some language options but you really need to consider the types of gamer’s in that region what kind of other hardware can they compare Tabcon to and most importantly the content. One of the biggest aspects when entering a country like China as a North American Company is that we do not want to “Americanize” ourselves but want to keep in mind how products are branded and marketed in that region. That really drives how we build a product.


One of the most important things about iVentures is that it’s facilitating real connections and collaboration. You are a perfect example of that! Can you tell me a little bit about why iVentures is such an important event for you?


Being from Toronto and having Tabcon based in Toronto iVentures is a great event not only to network with locals but to also network with companies from around the world. Having the opportunity to meet one-on-one is the best for a new start-up because it gives the opportunity to make great connections.


Any tips for iVentures first-timers?


Take every opportunity that iVentures has to offer. Make as many one-on-one meetings as possible because you never know where it can lead you and maybe you can get a great partnership from it!.