From Failure to 50+ Million Downloads – Learn the Art of Pivoting from our Second Keynote Speaker at iVentures!


From Failure to 50+ Million Downloads – The Five Year Pivot
Dr. Ariella Lehrer, Hit Point Inc. & Legacy Games

Too often when we talk about entrepreneurship we hear only the stories of glory and success. But they say it is from our failures that we learn the most, and our ability to adapt in the face of these failures that we can capitalize on unforeseen opportunities and changing circumstances leading to even greater success. Dr. Lehrer of Hit Point Inc & Legacy Games joins us to share some of the invaluable lessons she’s learned during her years of pivoting, first from academia to business, and then at multiple points after launching not one, but three companies and who has created numerous award-winning children’s games and whose games with HitPoint Inc have been downloaded and played by more than 20 million people and had more than 50 million downloads as of 2017. Laugh, cry and applaud during this sometimes funny and other times poignant talk while learning from the school of hard knocks from a career that has spanned 30 years and multiple industries.

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