David Dexter (Toronto, ON)

David Dexter is the Associate Director for SIRT—Screen Industries Research and Training Centre—at Sheridan College. David has been integral in transitioning SIRT into theleading innovation centre for the Screen Industries in Canada.  Over the last five years, David has work with over 200 industry partners as they engage with SIRT to explore and evolve digital image capture and creative processes for the film, television and gaming industries. Recently, David lead the effort to commercialized Sheridan’s firstapplied research project – SirtNet – an industrydriven, direct response to the need for better collaboration tools in the heart of one of Ontario’s most vibrant economic sectors.

Working together with leading university researchers and Sheridan experts in machine and deep learning, David is currently leading the effort to establish globally leading research and development activities focused on Virtual Human Characters based at SIRT’s Stage 10 at Pinewood Toronto Studios.

Sirt Centre on Twitter: @sirtcentre