David Dyce (Toronto, ON)

David Dyce is an eSports event host and broadcast commentator for key events like Dreamhack Montreal, AMD, GOML, SMASH! eSports @ Celebration Square, and co-creator of Smash! @Humber. He has run several eSports events in Ontario and is heavily involved in the eSports community in North America. As a long-time fan, competitor and community member in eSports, he hopes to bring to light the great potential of the industry and share his vision for eSports growth in Canada.

David has worked alongside talent in the eSports community such as Rod “The Dutch” Conyers (Fighting Game Community commentator), Joe CriBari (EMG Representative, GOML series creator) and Max Ketchum (CSL League division leader)

David believes that now is the time for organizations & investors to jump on board and help the eSports community create something beautiful. Recognizing digital media as the next big wave, David sees media studies as an increasingly important part of education and a viable career path for young adults. He is an early pioneer behind the eSports initiative at Humber College, and hopes to get more schools, organizations, and community members involved.

David on Twitter: @DyceSSB