Dr. Ariella Lehrer (Los Angeles, CA)

A well-known game industry veteran, Ariella has dedicated her career to expanding the market for enriching, interactive experiences.

As CEO of Legacy Games, which she founded in 1998, Ariella developed many TV licensed games, designed to appeal primarily to women. Popular games included four from the Law & Order franchise, Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, Ghost Whisperer, Psych, Twilight Zone, Paranormal State, and others. Lehrer also created numerous award-winning children’s games, based on beloved brands such as Crayola and Tarzan.

More recently, as President of HitPoint Studios, Ariella has focused on attracting new customers through the design of unique use cases that employ both digital and physical elements. Whether it’s a grocery item finder or treasure hunt for Google’s Tango, a walk-around zombie shooter for Lenovo’s Mirage, a hand-controlled drone, or an electric circuit kit, Ariella is fascinated by the potential of augmented reality and the implications of a world in which everything in our environment has a digital analog.

Lehrer has a PhD. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and writes frequently about technology and kids on her blog. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four children, among many avocado and orange trees.

Dr. Lehrer on Twitter: @ariolehrCEO
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