Eunika Sot (London, ON)

Eunika Sot is the Chief Operations Officer of Yuser, a blockchain-based social media platform. She is passionate about blockchain, the application of economic principles to system design, and the implications that the tokenization of assets will have on the future of technology. She has played multiple roles at Yuser, utilizing her business publishing background and her experience managing the accounts of social influencers to oversee operations and expand client/advisory/partnership networks.

After getting to know the social media space and working with key influencers, she realized that there was a major industry problem that could be solved using blockchain technology. Eunika is also the writer of a forthcoming fantasy novel and various blockchain articles, as well as a frequent speaker at blockchain events who will talk your ear off about the influence sci-fi literature has on the future of human thought if you give her the chance.

Eunika on Twitter: @eunika_sot
Eunika on LinkedIn.