Fernanda Contreras Stange (Chile)

Seven years ago, I joined Gamaga to shape its corporate identity and strategic growth. During that time Gamaga has grown from a small start up to Chile’s no. 1 independent games company. Today, my motivation to achieve a strong and balanced corporate culture strategy has brought me to the position of COO, and one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in the global video game industry. It is a role that has considerable challenges and one that is frequently underestimated in the games industry for its potential to make or break a studio. My commitment is not only to achieve corporate success but to share and communicate our vision, experience and dedication to our national industry and nurture it over time.

To accomplish this I work hand in hand with a variety of governmental and private organizations to establish a corporate approach for good practices in the creative industry. As Gamaga’s COO it’s my job to turn risks into safe bets and doubts into opportunities.

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