Harpreet Geekee (Toronto, ON)

Harpreet Geekee is proven technical leader having held multiple CTO roles with Fortune 500 companies. He has led or advised dozens of blockchain engagements. He currently serves as Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Highmark Global where he leads tech development of Axius, a blockchain enabled marketplace for the $2 Trillion Medtech industry.

Harpreet was previously the CTO for Juniper’s Global Financial Services Vertical responsible for helping clients in Financial Services Industry with strategy, solutions to achieve Digital Transformation. When Harpreet was at Cisco, he worked with clients in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare to develop and deliver solutions.

Harpreet’s passion is to leverage blend of technology and business, to build a profitable customer centric offerings and build a profitable & scaling organization.

Harpreet is a member of the Java Executive Committee (responsible for defining the language Java). Harpreet has been actively involved in influencing and disruptive technologies like Blockchain, 3GPP’s IMS and LTE architectures, IETF’s SNMP v3 and SIP adoption in wireless etc.

Harpreet on Twitter: @HarpreetGeekee
Harpreeet on LinkedIn.