Kim Parnell (Toronto, ON)

Kim is the co-founder of Blank – A radical new way to build apps without code. Blank uses AI technology to automatically generate beautiful, fully functioning apps in minutes – from a description of what the app will do. Incorporating data and/or functionality from one app into another is done with a few clicks, effectively removing the need to create APIs. Permission and monetization rules for data exchange are managed with smart contracts stored on the blockchain, thus enabling a peer-to-peer decentralized data network.

Kim is an avid reader, a meditation advocate, a fitness enthusiast and a startup veteran with a successful exit under her belt. Kim shares her startup journey through writing and her various social media channels. Her passion for Blank comes from her frustration in finding a technical partner during the early phases of her first software startup. Alongside the team at Blank, she’s working to create tools that enable tenacious people to take control of their future. Great ideas shouldn’t die on a whiteboard.

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