Kristopher Alexander (Toronto, ON)

Kristopher Alexander, Ph.D. is a Professor of Video Games: Design & Programming at Humber College.

As an educator, Dr. Alexander brings over a decade of experience in developing curriculum and initiatives in media production, video games, and the eSports industry, connecting students’ passions with the path of job acquisition.

Dr. Alexander has created video game development curricula and programs for Humber College, Ryerson University, Concordia University, University of Toronto, LEARN Quebec, CSLP Montreal, andMinistère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. Additionally, he has developed curriculum for 2 award-winning National Film Board of Canada interactive media projects.

His translation of the technologies used in the computer programming and design processes for video games, as they connect to learners and learning, is part of what he brings to Interactive Ontario.

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