Mitchell Opatowsky (Washington, DC)

Mitchell is a co-founder and Head of Product for CryptoPets. A Distributed Systems Architect and Web Developer, he entered the blockchain space in early 2016, through his interest in Ethereum. He is a member Washington, D.C.’s growing blockchain community, a member of Decentralized DC, and has hosted a number of blockchain meetups in the city. In 2017, he introduced key figures at USAID and the State Department to blockchain and worked on use case development for Digital IDs. Later, he worked for the NRECA as a blockchain energy research analyst. Mitchell published research pieces related to blockchain mechanics in  energy and transparent governance, cited in research for changing dynamics in techno-politics.

More recently, Mitchell has spent time on market research between decentralized application games and platforms. As a lifelong lover of video games, Mitchell is passionate about business paradigm shifts happening in video games. Taking the role of a product designer, Mitchell navigates the current technical ecosystem to oversee the integration of new developments from the Web 3 ecosystem into the core game design of CryptoPets.

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