Shaun Hatton (Toronto, ON)

Shaun is a tech and video game industry expert and professional TV host. He has interviewed thousands of game developers, artists, actors, and directors. He is perhaps best known for his five-year stint on the television series The Electric Playground and its sister series, Reviews on the Run. His latest TV series, Vintage Tech Hunters, sees him travelling North America in search of rare, bizarre, and highly sought-after tech from yesteryear and discovering the stories behind it.

A creative storyteller at heart, Shaun brings a great amount of enthusiasm, excitement, and energy to everything he does. He has hosted live events for some of his favourite companies, including Nintendo, Hasbro, and WorldGaming.

Outside of his professional speaking roles, Shaun is also an accomplished musician and has composed music for the video games They Bleed Pixels, Always Sometimes Monsters, and Dog Gone Golfing in addition to performing the end credits theme to Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!

Shaun on Twitter: @megashaun