William Quigley (Los Angeles, CA)

William Edward Quigley is CEO of OPSkins, the world’s largest marketplace for video game virtual items and CEO of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange)​, the first decentralized marketplace for trading those items. He is also Managing Director of Cashel Enterprises​, a cryptocurrency focused investment vehicle.

Cashel has incubated and invested in over 40 Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto currency related investments. Quigley co-founded many transformative crypto companies including Tether, a USD deriviative adopted by many of the world’s leading crypto exchanges and GoCoin, a pioneering crypto payments processor. He and his business partner Jonathan Yantis​ – OPSkins​ COO – were early backers and the largest investors in Mastercoin, the technical forerunner to Ethereum and the world’s first ICO. The Mastercoin team invented the concept of a blockchain based smart contract. Prior to forming Cashel, William co-founded Clearstone Venture Partners, a $700 million early stage focused venture capital firm where he concentrated on Internet investments. He also co-founded the world’s first consumer Internet venture capital firm, idealab Capital Partners, and led Internet incubation efforts at idealab, the most successful consumer Internet incubator of the Web 1.0 era.

William received his MBA, with distinction, from Harvard Business School and holds a BS in Accounting, with honors, from University of Southern California.

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