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iVentures 2018

November 6 & 7, 2018 / The Design Exchange | Toronto



Welcome letters from the presenting partners (OMDC and CMF) and host (Interactive Ontario) of iVentures 2017



OMDC Letter of Welcome 

Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is proud to be a Presenting Partner for iVentures 2017.

Ontario has a wealth of talent, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among our creators. OMDC’s mandate is to help build Ontario’s creative economy by providing innovative programs and funding support for book and magazine publishing, music, and the screen-based industries including: film, television and interactive digital media. OMDC invests in these important sectors to ensure that they continue to create high value jobs, drive economic growth, and succeed on the world stage.

Ontario offers a winning combination of government support and a flexible toolkit of financial incentives to support Ontario’s dynamic companies, including the Interactive Digital Media Fund, the Global Market Development Fund and the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit – as well as support for important industry forums such as this.

But our programs and financial investments are only part of the equation. Success in today’s digital marketplace requires innovation, diversification, non-traditional business models, risk-taking and collaboration. iVentures offers a tremendous opportunity to learn about future trends from the world’s leading experts, to explore innovative business models with international companies and to network with a view to establishing new partnerships.

Thanks to Interactive Ontario and all the sponsors for supporting the business of interactive digital media in Ontario. I wish everyone a productive and successful conference.




Karen Thorne-Stone
President & Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Media Development Corporation







CMF Letter of Welcome

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has for many years been a proud supporter of Interactive Ontario’s initiatives that foster and promote the digital media sector in Ontario. We are pleased to participate at this year’s first ever iVentures. It is the ideal forum to meet face to face with business partners, hear from leaders who share their vision and passion about this dynamic industry, and learn about the latest trends.

The Canada Media Fund supports Canada’s audiovisual content industry, including games, through funding, by providing industry research on trends and by promoting what is uniquely ours, at home and abroad. Since 2010, in addition to our support to television production and other digital properties, we have supported 211 videogames by investing more than $82M in this sector.

We are proud of the creative talent that positions Canada as a world leader in producing innovative content and has made Canada one of the top digital media producing countries in the world.

I wish you all a successful conference filled with solid business leads and creative ideas.



Valerie Creighton
President and CEO
Canada Media Fund






Interactive Ontario Letter of Welcome

Welcome to iVentures, the marketplace for all things Interactive Digital Media (IDM). The 2017 edition of the conference marks an important milestone for Interactive Ontario’s signature event—we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary! Over the past decade, it has been a tremendous pleasure to watch iVentures (formerly GameON: Ventures) rapidly evolve into a conference that has become vital to the growth of our province’s digital sector.

Here at Interactive Ontario, our work continues throughout the year, bringing our members monthly events, ongoing advocacy, and programming geared at elevating and connecting Ontario’s flourishing game creators, rich interactive experience makers, AR/VR innovators and eLearning and digital health advocates.

Earlier this year we released an in-depth report, Measuring Success: The Impact of the Interactive Digital Media Sector in Ontario, commissioned by IO in 2016 and prepared by Nordicity. The report was our opportunity to assess the economic impact of interactive digital media in Ontario and take stock of where this ever-evolving industry is headed. Our research confirmed what many of us in this industry already know—IDM is an economic powerhouse. In 2015 Ontario IDM companies contributed $1.4 Billion to Canada’s GDP.

Our research took us around the province, where we spoke to IDM companies of all sizes about their challenges, their hopes for the industry, and growth opportunities they’re excited about. We found that most companies are creating rich digital interactive experiences on multiple platforms, and across intersecting industries. Innovation isn’t happening within silos. The programming for this year’s iVentures conference reflects that, and the broadening of our scope from games to broad-spectrum interactive digital media is our opportunity to better serve the nearly 11,000 Ontarians working full-time in IDM.

I’m so excited to explore what the future holds for Interactive Digital Media together at iVentures.



Christa Dickenson
President & CEO, Interactive Ontario